21 nov 2021: Slow Bal Salon

21 nov 2021: Slow Bal Salon

There is nothing better than to put your newly learned Slow Bal moves into practice. On Sunday 21 Novemver we dance in the beautiful room of Staluse Pera at the Heemraadsingel in Rotterdam. We begin the afternoon with a workshop for Slow Bal dancers with experience. After that it’s ‘all you can dance’-Slow Bal.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to new government regulations concerning COVID, we changed the set-up of this event. Instead of a 1-hour workshop and a 3-hour social, there will be a 2-hour workshop with lots of practice time. We follow government regulations and scan your QR-code before the workshop starts.

Practical info:

When: 21 November 2021

14.30-16.30 hr workshop for Slow Bal dancers with experience

Location: Heemraadsingel 235 in Rotterdam

Registration: Yes, see button below

2-hour workshop: 15 euro


Register for the workshop by clicking on the button below. During the workshop we switch partners. When you register with a dance partner, you can choose whether or not you join the rotation. To register you don’t need a partner.

For this event you need to have a valid QR-code in the CoronaCheck-App