Code of Conduct Slowfeet Studio

We value a safe and relaxed learning environment in which students are free to learn and enjoy the music and the dance. This means we have a zero-tolerance policy against racism, homophobia, sexism and sexual harassment. Engaging in any of these will lead to your removal from current and future lessons without refund and possibly, legal action.

Slow Bal is a dance primarily danced in a close embrace position. This means we believe it is extra important that you and your partner feel comfortable. Your hands will connect on the shoulder, arm, waist or back; and the two dancers generally have a chest connection. Respect each other’s physical boundaries, behave respectfully towards other people in the class; check in regularly if your dance partner is comfortable before and during a dance and be safe on the dance floor.

Please refrain from dangerous moves, sudden or forceful movement, or dancing in any way that might harm or hurt yourself, your partner or anyone else on the dance floor.

You are always free to refuse a dance, both inside and outside of our lessons, without explaining yourself. If you are dancing and feel uncomfortable for whichever reason, please have your partner know and if need be, inform the teachers present. Please also feel free to approach and inform the teachers if you want to express any concerns you may have, both inside and outside of class.

Let’s create a safe and happy dancing environment together!

dansen high five slow bal

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