Dance classes should be fun. Fortunately, we laugh a lot every week. In the meantime, you will also learn to dance Slow Bal. A beautiful partner dance to lovely slow jazz music.

Weekly Slow Bal lessons in Rotterdam

The best way to learn Slow Bal is by joining our weekly classes. Slow Bal is not only a beautiful partner dance (that you can dance with or without a fixed partner), it also increases your body awareness and it’s lots of fun to learn. You will get to know new people, step on someones toes, all while dancing to great jazz music. What is not to like?

Below you’ll find a description of our levels. New courses start in January, April and September.

Our next course starts on the 15th of September. Registration is OPEN!

Slow Bal danslessen Rotterdam

Slow Bal Foundation

You have to start somewhere, so why not at the beginning? In the Slow Bal Foundation course you will learn the Slow Bal basic. We add slides and extra steps to play with the music. You will become familiar with the close embrace that is so characteristic for this Swing dance. Building from our basic, we will add a variety of classic Slow Bal moves to your repertoire. These moves and techniques form the foundation for your future Slow Bal life. Which, we hope, will be very long! 

Slow Bal Explores

The Slow Bal Explorers course is perfect for everyone who knows the Slow Bal basic and some of its signature moves, but is still at the beginning of their Slow Bal journey. We will train your body awareness and musicality, while teaching you new variations to the moves that you know. Of course, we will also explore new things (Hey, we are Slow Bal explorers, aren’t we?!  

Slow Bal Adventurers

NOTE: Unfortunately we had to cancel this course. Instead, we offer three mini courses!

This course is for dancers who are comfortable with dancing Slow Bal and want to top it up a notch. You know: climb the highest mountain and dive the deepest seas. Yes, you will learn new moves. But this course is about more than that. It’s about deepening your connection to your partner, the music and the dance. This might sound a bit vague, but I would say: let’s have an adventure! 

Slow Solo Jazz – 4 weeks

One of the best ways to practice your dancing skills in a partner dance is to dance alone. It gives you the opportunity to focus completely on yourself: on your manner of moving. It’s time to discover how your body moves, what you like to move and how you can apply your own style to dancing with your partner. In these 4 lessons we will work on Slow Slow Bal, to improve  your dance techniques in the partner dance. Also we work on your creativity. And finally we will also do short fun solo choreos.

Suitable for all levels.
Dates: 14 September, 21 September, 28 September, 5 October

Switch! – 4 weeks

Leading and following, it’s great fun to be able to do both. Not only because it gives you the opportunity to dance with anyone, but also: Both roles offer their own fun and challenges. Learning the different part from what you’re used to dancing will give you a much better understanding of what your partner needs to follow or lead properly. You can then apply this new knowledge and skills in your own dances. In the mini-course we will explore the other role. And, super fun, we’re going to play with changing roles while dancing. Let’s Switch!

Suitable after finishing the Foundation level
Dates: 12 October, 26 October, 2 November, 9 November

Laminu – 4 weeks

Laminu is one of the two Slow Bal dance styles that we still know today. Usually, in class, we dance more in the style of Dean Raftery. But another well-known ‘old-timer’ is Ray Cunningham. He danced slightly differently to slow jazz music. His style feels different, slightly more angular. In these four lessons, we’ll explore Laminu and learn how to mix it in your Deans Slow Bal. If you like Slow Bal, it is great to be able to dance this dance style within slow jazz!

Suitable for all levels.
Dates: 16 November, 23 November, 30 November, 7 December


12 weeks

Per person
  • On Thursdays*
  • From 18:50 till 19.50 hr
  • Toneelgarage
  • Starts on 15 September 2023


12 weeks

Per person
  • On Thursdays*
  • From 19:55 till 20:55 hr
  • Toneelgarage
  • Starts on 15 September 2023

Mini Courses

4 weeks

Per person
  • On Thursdays*
  • From 21:00 till 22:00 hr
  • Toneelgarage
  • Different starting dates

Important notes on the dates of our courses

Below you will find all the dates on which the classes take place. There will be a one week break in October (during the official holidays)


Thursday 14 September
Thursday 21 September
Thursday 28 September


Thursday 5 October
Thursday 12 October
Thursday 26 October


Thursday 2 November
Thursday 9 November
Thursday 16 November
Thursday 23 November
Thursday 30 November


Thursday 7 December

Missed the start of a new course?

Did you miss the first (or the first few) lessons of a new course, but would you love to start dancing as soon as possible? There is always a way! Please contact us to discuss your options. For example, it would be possible to do a private lesson for a reduced fee to go over the lessons that you’ve missed. This way you can join the rest of the course with ease!

Rotterdampas discount

Slowfeet Studio is affiliated with the Rotterdampas. With the Rotterdampas you get a 25% discount on a Slow Bal beginners course (Foundation level). Instead of 135 euros, the course costs only 101,25 euros.

Priveles dansen rotterdam

Private lessons

Private lessons are perfect to develop your own skills in a pace that suits you best. If you feel reluctant to take your first dance steps in a group, a private lesson beforehand can help to gain more confidence. Individual feedback can also help you grow if you are a more experienced dancer; adding more layers to your knowledge.

A one hour private lesson with one teacher costs 45 euro for one person and 55 euro for two people.
Per hour there is an additional fee of 10 euro for studio rent. It’s also possible to do the private lesson(s) at your house. Depending on location and travel time, additional costs will be 10 euro (minimal).

If you want a private lesson with more than two people, please contact us about the possibilities. We are very experienced in teaching different kinds of workshops for small and big groups. 

openingsdans romantisch

Wedding first dance

The closed connection and slow pace of the dance makes Slow Bal perfect for the first dance at your wedding. With some romance or some humour (or both), it will be a memorable dance for sure. We can create a choreography for you, and help you practice for your big day.

We believe everyone can learn to dance. However, it will take some time, depending on your experience and skills. We advise you to start at least three months before your wedding day. It also helps when you join our weekly Slow Bal lessons, but this is of course optional.

Lessons for a wedding choreo cost 85 euro per hour. This is including the tailor made choreography. Do you not want a choreography, but just learn some moves on the song of your choice? In this case, the price is 65 euro per hour. Prices are excluding rent of the studio (10 euro per hour). It’s also possible to do lessons at your home, depending on the location and travel time, the price is 10 euro (minimal). 

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