21 October 2022: Slow Bal in De Doelen Studio

Club-Key-Slow Balboa© Maarten Laupman

Slow Bal in De Doelen Studio 21 October 2022 | De Doelen Studio Nowadays we are regulars in Club Key by De Doelen Studio. And everytime we dance Slow Bal here, we have a great time and a great night. Never heard of Slow Bal and are you curious if this is something you might […]

12 September 2022: Slow Bal Social in Dizzy

jazzcafe dizzy slow bal

Slow Bal Social 12 September 2022 | Jazzcafé Dizzy Give your week a bright start and join us in Jazzcafé Dizzy for our monthly Slow Bal dance evening! Once a month Dizzy is all into Slow Bal. Slow jazz music is played all evening. Perfect for a Slow Bal dance and having a drink. For anyone […]