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Beau Slowbal teacher

Slow Bal Teacher Beau

How it all started

When I entered the dance hall for the first time and completely lost my sense of place and time, from that moment onwards I couldn’t imagine a life without dancing any more. Everyone was there together to have fun, enjoy the music and make a casual interpersonal connection. I haven’t been able to keep my feet off the dance floor ever since.

Dedication to the dance

When I do something, I do it with dedication. With this mindset I dove into the dance world. In my
enthusiasm I first started attending socials and took lessons in Slow Bal and Lindy Hop. I experience
Slow Bal as a welcome relaxation, it offers me technical depth and you can make a special connection
with your dance partner. Lindy Hop gives me energy and makes me cheerful. With both
dance forms I experience an intense feeling of happiness and I love to share this with others.

Sharing the love for Slow Bal

In the context of sharing the happiness that dancing in general – and Slow Bal in particular – brings me, I started teaching at Slowfeet Studio. This allows me to improve my own techniques step by step and also I can help others in their own dance development. Sharing the relaxation, fun and special connection that Slow Bal brings, that is what I like to do most.

Be warned…

So be warned when you step onto the dance floor. You might become a complete addict like me and never get away. But don’t be scared. I can speak from personal experience that it is an enrichment to your life that you do not want to miss out on. I hope to see you on the dance floor!

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