Swing Instructor

When I discovered Lindy Hop, many years ago in Berlin, I became a true addict. Soon, Lindy Hop wasn’t enough, so Balboa joined the Swing Book. Afterwards, I found that teaching Lindy Hop helped me learn more quickly and get a better understanding of the dance. In 2015, I learned about Slow Bal, watching a video with Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault. Following an online course with Mickey and Kelly helped me get the basics, but there was hardly anyone to practise with… so what was next? I started teaching short basics courses and together with some enthusiasts we formed a practise group. The big change came in 2018 when gradually, Slow Bal was getting more popular. First in Vienna, and later in Oxford, I met Mickey. Taking classes and private lessons with him improved my dancing considerably. While I’m still learning from awesome international dancers, I’m ready to spread the love!