Swing Instructor

Joost Rotterdam Slow Bal teacher

How I started dancing

When I started dancing as a teenager it was all about gymnastics, competitions and performance. Acrobatic rock’n roll was my sport and I worked hard to perform and win. When I grew older my love for dancing moved in the opposite direction, back in time. After dancing boogie woogie for a few years I discovered Lindy Hop and that’s where the swing virus started. I fell in love with all the technical aspects of the dance and the creativity, the expression and connection.


When you enter the world of swing dance you walk into a parallel universe were there is only dancing. I wanted to learn all about the dance and have fun. I tried to go to every party there was and visit as many workshop as possible. This is where I discovered learning does not only happen in the class room, but also during socials. So I danced my ass off  at parties all night long as much as I could. I feel blessed I had the chance to met so many nice people on the dance floor and had classes from the best teachers in the world. 


A long time ago, somewhere between al this dancing, I started teaching. First occasionally as a substitute teacher here and there and later on it became a regular thing. I love to share my knowledge and inspire others in finding their own way to grow in the dance. Everyone learns in his own way and tempo and it’s my challenge to find ways that help my students to understand the dance better and better.


I discovered Slow Bal during Balboa weekends when taster classes where offered. But my interest really grew when Mickey and Kelly spent taught multiple Slow Bal classes during a Balboa week. When I got home I bought an online course and started practicing in the living room. I love the flow of the dance and the slow music. It makes me move so naturally in a relaxed tempo. I’m very excited that – years later – I’m finally able to teach Slow Bal to many others.