Register now for the Slow Bal course

Register now for the Slow Bal course


The dancing life has been quiet for a long time. Our muscles have become a bit stiff and our knees are cracking a bit. Fortunately, in the summer we were able to start dancing again. Shake the hips, empty your head and go. I’m really looking forward to the fall. Because we’re starting again with two 12-week Slow Ball courses. Time to get back in the game!

In our dance lessons, beginners learn the basics of Slow Bal. Seemingly easy, but sometimes a bit more difficult than you think. Of course we’ll also do some cool moves, work on your styling a bit and laugh if you accidentally step on your dance partner’s toes. Because yes, that sometimes happens.

The intermediate group has been dancing at Slowfeet Studio for some time now. Together we have already discussed a lot of techniques, danced moves and danced at socials. We continue to refresh and improve what we know. Of course we will also do new things. And together we work towards a short choreo.

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What’s new with our dance classes?

It’s going to be fun anyway.
A few things that are new:

  • We no longer dance at the Willem Buytewech. We are moving to one of the beautiful spaces of the Toneel Vakschool Rotterdam.
  • The course lasts 12 weeks instead of 10 weeks. This worked a little better with the Christmas holidays.
  • Lessons now last 75 minutes instead of 60 minutes. After all, time flies when you’re having fun.
  • There is 15 minutes between lessons to practice on your own. The beginners can therefore hang around for a while and the intermediates can come a little earlier to dance.

Registration is open! So sign up now for 12 weeks of dancing fun. 

See you soon on the dance floor!