Slow Bal International

Slow Bal is slowly taking over the Swing world. And why shouldn’t it? Dancing to slow jazz music is just as much part of the Swing experience as Lindy Hop and Balboa. Bring Deirdre and Joost to your Slow Bal event for an inspiring and fun weekend of slow dancing. 

Slow Bal at your Swing event

Are you looking for Slow Bal teachers to teach this beautiful Swing dance at your (international) event? Slowfeet Studio is happy to help! 

Deirdre is specialised in Slow Bal. She has taken inspiration from oldtimers as Dean Raftery and Ray Cunningham, but also studied and trained in a more modern interpretation of Slow Bal and Slow Swing. Would you like some Laminu classes at your event? No problem! Do you have a specific topic in mind for Slow Bal workshops, like musicality, playfulness, connection or flow? Let us know what you are looking for and we can create our workshops based on your wishes.

Deirdre and Joost Slow Bal International | Fotograf David Poul |

What other organizers and students say about Slowfeet Studio abroad:

What we offer you:

We want to share our love for Slow Bal with the world! What we can offer you for your Swing dance event:

  • Slow bal lessons Dean Raftery Style / our own style
  • Slow Bal lessons in Laminu, Ray Cunningham Style
  • Slow Solo Jazz Workshop to improve our own body awareness and creativity
  • Switch lessons (leading and following) and how to switch roles within a dance
  • Private lessons for students who want more personal feedback
  • Knowledge sharing with local teachers who want to teach Slow Bal

And of course, all lessons will in the end be in our own personal style. Having fun is the core of what we do and how we teach. In our classes we pay attention to creating a save space where everbody can be themselves. We want to inspire our students to explore with us the possibilities that Slow Bal brings to the dance floor. 

In the end, it´s all about finding out what works for you. Everyone is unique, and we hope to help you find your own particular style. 

Want to know more? Email us!

Deirdre Joost International Slow Bal Teachers
Deirdre and Joostslow bal teachers - valencia - david poul

How we can also help you

We know, from our own experience, that organizing an event is a lot of work. So let us help you where we can! Other than teaching super fun Slow Bal classes at your event, we can also:

  • Help with writing level descriptions for the Slow Bal classes
  • Provide you with promotion material like photos and videos
  • Make personalized video message as part of the promotion
  • Share your event on the Slowfeet Studio socials
  • Share your event on the Slowfeet Studio website
  • Provide you with enough Slow Bal music for several parties

You know what we did last summer?

Deirdre and Joost gave a short improvised (and rather spontaneous) Slow Bal demo at the Valencia Balboa Festival 2023, after teaching Slow Slow Bal classes. 

Who are Deirdre and Joost?

Who are these crazy people who only teach in Slow Bal?

When it comes to international Swing dance events, Deirdre is currently mostly teaching with Joost. Below you will read a little bit more about us. 

Slow Bal Blues Rotterdam

About Deirdre

Deirdre has been a Slow Bal fanatic since the first time she discovered this beautiful dance. She was teaching Lindy Hop at the time, when Joost showed her a Slow Bal video. Since then she travelled many places, watched and endless amount of online videos and trained for hours and hours to master this dance.

She started Slowfeet Studio in 2019, to share here love for Slow Bal with the lovely people from Rotterdam and surroundings. But her dreams were always bigger. “Slow Bal is going to conquer the world”, came out of her mouth more than once. 

She still finds joy in discovering new ways to move and expressing herself through Slow Bal. Always looking for new ways of helping others to do the same. 

Joost Slow Bal

About Joost

Starting as a rock and roll man, Joost has always been a dancer. Since the time when he was throwing girls in the air, he danced many dances, like Boogie Woogie for example. In the end Swing dance stole his heart. The energy of the music and the dancers can keep Joost going all night long.

Balboa was for a long time a big passion of Joost. As a real Balboa man he travelled many places to learn, to meet people and to party all night long. In Rotterdam Joost also taught Lindy Hop and Balboa. When he introduced Deirdre to Slow Bal, little did he know that one day he would be travveling through Europe to teach this slow Swing dance, so different in flow from Balboa. 

But one thing is for sure. Joost also caught the Slow Bal virus!

Where can you find us?

Below you will find the events where we will teach Slow Bal classes. We hope to meet you there, for a lovely Slow Bal dance! 

Contact us for your (Slow Bal) event

Want to know more about our availability, rates and requirements? Please send us an email and we get back to you as soon as possible.